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Skechers Women's GOwalk Revolution Ultra Walking Sneakers from Finish Line EFVgzzLSw3
Skechers Women's GOwalk Revolution Ultra Walking Sneakers from Finish Line
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In the second step of the CIP, conducted in another vessel, the wood samples are treated with hot modified oil (Mod.-L.) in a vacuum (80 °C, 0.01MPa). The oil is based on a linseed oil, is of brown-yellow colour and hardens within some days. The oil becomes unclear when mixed with water, which happens when several combined treatments with wet wood are performed. Heating up the oil over the boiling point of water for several hours helps to remove the water.

Two tests were performed; one in a small lab-scale plant (Test A) and one in a larger dimensioned pilot plant (TestB).


Overview of total number, dimension, heartwood proportion and basic density of samples of test A and B


Übersicht über Anzahl, Abmessung, Kernholzanteil und Basisdichte der Proben aus Versuch A und B


CFWP- and oil uptake, Surface ratio and amount of condensate of test A and test B


CFWP- und Ölaufnahme,Oberflächenverhältnis und Kondensatmenge in Versuch A und B

After treatment, the samples were ground in a DIETZ-mill to chips of 1–2mm, digested according to AWPA A7-93 ( 1993 ) and analysed for their copper content using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (FAAS) according to DIN 38406-7 ( 1991 ). CFWP-treated samples which were stored for fixation at room temperature for several days and which were not undergoing a hot oil treatment were used as controls. Furthermore, the oil and condensate water were analysed for copper content after treatment. FAAS was used for the analysis of copper in oil and condensate.

The condensate water is a result of the drying process in hot oil under vacuum where water is evaporating out of the wood samples.

CFWP-impregnated and end-sealed Scots pine samples with dimensions of 25×115×800mm 3 and with an average sapwood content of 20% were treated for 2, 5, and 8 hours in hot oil at 80 °C after a fixation time of 24 hours at room temperature (Table 1 ). The average uptake (Stdv) of wood preservative was 8.4 (3.9) kg/m 3 .

Ten treatments, each with eight wood samples and 70 litre of oil, were performed per process time. The relation between the amount of oil and the unsealed wood surface was 3.91 ml/cm 2 (Table Allen Edmonds Mens Verona Ii Bit Loafer RQ5wEF
). Overall, 80 samples per process time were oil-treated. After the 1st, 10th, 20th, and 30th oil treatment 1litre of oil was removed and analysed for its copper content as described above.

\mathrm{FD}=\frac{\mathrm{U}-\mathrm{L}}{\mathrm{U}}\cdot 100[\%]
\mathrm{FI}=\frac{\mathrm{FD}_{t}}{\mathrm{FD}_{\mathrm{max}}}\cdot 100

The copper content of treated wood samples was not analysed in test B. Nor was the copper content in the condensate water due to an uncertain amount of copper that could be leached out of the material of tubes and condensator.

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